The PAVB IN FOCUS is the official website for the digital content of the Philippine Arts in Venice Biennale (PAVB) project.

We feature visual essays, videos, webinars and other original content based on past and current Philippine Pavilion exhibitions at the Venice Biennale.

PAVB In Focus explores four themes:

The Built Environment
A look at our built environment through a historical, sociological and environmental lens to determine the path that will lead us to a sustainable, habitable future.

Artist As World Maker
Determine how contemporary artists make sense of what constitutes as “the world” and the contribution of Philippine contemporary art to the global.

Art and Archipelago
Explore how the Philippines, with its more than 7,000 islands, have shaped the country’s idea of nation and the artistry of its people.

Pook ginhawa
Discover how the word “ginhawa” or “well-being” is negotiated, pursued, and desired by Filipinos, across all social classes and cultural backgrounds.